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KSU Blastoff - Welcome!

Below is some information about our organization.


Feel free to explore our website to learn even more!

Our first event will be within 2 weeks

Sign up for our email, Twitter, and the CIS Discord to get notified!

Who is MISA

MISA is a professional KSU organization for any students interested in a future in business, data, or IT

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Students During Break

What we do

MISA holds meetings to connect students & professionals. Meetings include: entertaining socials, career development workshops, & guest speakers

Why join us

MISA operates to advance students' careers. Membership provides: scholarship priorities, leadership opportunities, career resources, & networking

Business Conference

join misa and access...


Missed a meeting? Don't worry, all members have access to our archives of past meetings.

MISA University Blog

Coming soon... MISA is collecting our sponsors' talking points and making quick to read articles for you!


MISA will work with you to create an outstanding impression in your next interview and beyond to help you land your dream job.

Interviews with sponsors

MISA hosts events with local business and IT professionals. Come, ask questions, and build your network.

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